Being free doesn’t mean partying till 5 A.M. in the morning, and definitely not traveling to a god-forsaken place
on a motorcycle. It also doesn’t mean doing a job you like or should I say pursuing a passion.
It’s not about not having problems related to health, sure it helps but still doesn’t count. Does it?
For a while, I thought it means to have decent wealth and savings. It for sure helps to live a comfortable life
and also offers independence to do what you have an interest in, no matter how bizarre it is. And even accountability
crossed my mind. Maybe freedom means not having responsibilities and not being answerable to anyone for our actions
and their consequences.
However, of late it hit me that freedom is about the quality and the state of the mind one has in a moment.
I am free if I can experience a moment(time) without any conditionings of the past, illusions, burdens, fears or
any frame of reference/images.
It means being available completely in the present with an empty slate to write and ready to wipe it off for the
next moment without any longing for what happened or anxiety and anticipation for what will happen.
if it sounds spiritual then maybe it is.

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