Holy, please!(Poem)

After 89 years7months2daysBodhi withDumbledore beardonion skinand vampire thirstwent to Varanasi. Met Aghorisweaversfirst-class saintspriests Upanishadic silencesJapamala minds and Kantian cows and Heidegger dogs. He was lateto spiritual ghazalsand wasn’t invitedto mystical gangsand Himalayan soap operas. Sat on the banks of the Ganges riverhe saw a crocodile chanting Omfree from fear and grief. When it opened the… Continue reading →


The hands from the slumand the un-pencil-ed mindswove the crust and mantleon which the motherboards and circuits could build an urban legend.{Unacknowledged} People with neckties and apps crushed the rickshawsand the dabbawala hopes. The vaseline balm-ed bodiesvisit dreams but the public transport bodies return to nightmares. Pink slip-ed scorpions stung by EMI venoms roam the… Continue reading →

How to dig? (Poem)

One writesto dig oneself.But you can’tstep into the same thoughttwiceor thrice. The observer effectin quantum physics needs no proof other than your baby thoughts. and they continue to metamorphose forever.ready to drink the blood of fiction.let’s call it the “caterpillar effect”in dream-physics. And in a twist of fateeven I’m not allowed to pass through the… Continue reading →

Gulf of Mexico(Poem)

Oil spill in the seaa man’s or a machine’smistake. A black carpet of death.A black spectre’s haunting and the hunting began. The writer went backunable to find a musein a black dream. Tunas poisoned by the 007 trickery of killer-sapiens. Sensing the fossil sicknesswith their magnetism birds skipped toxic pregnancies and births. BenzeneTolueneSulphurin the kid’s… Continue reading →

I need sometime(Poem)

Bodhifearlessfacelesswith factualness took the pento wake up massesfrom their solid sleeps. He thoughthe was the last matchstickto ignite the ribsof men. The piece was boldnot blurred by adjectives and liquored lies. Editorloaded by busynessdidn’t even axe a word.With the powerof untimely thoughtshe danced. Morn came.Millions of crusty eyessaw the piece.Even the shadowstalked about itfor 4… Continue reading →


It’s no sweatto shoot a sinner.Andquitecheap to buya clean chit for the conscience. but the sinstill has a Lub-Dub.still takes a breathin the land of the living. In the tale of crime and punishmentthe criminal is found guilty and gets the revenge of society.but the crime slips away in between the hands of newspaper readers… Continue reading →

Condemned to be free(Poem)

Humans yearn for freedom and thunderous thrillsin pissing off the pack of people. Hungry to fill“essence” in the existence. Yet the rebelafter tucking in the glasseslulls the bloodwhenthe weight ofliability blame and the likes of itreveal themselves. From the nebula ofliberty and free reincomes the creepsangst andunresting nerves. Man being who he isdoesn’t yet have… Continue reading →

Searching spectrum(Poem)

The “Having” society(Eric Fromm)priceswhat we have under our name. Thepsychedelic-spiritual societyholdsdrunkennessdear and near. The Asimov(science) society have their meta verse hungerquantum jokesand dark matter dialectics. The cranium societyis lost inFreudian slips synthetic archetypes and sleepwalking. The DNA/RNA societyis neck deep inselfish gene gamesand genomic greed. And the Socratic world isin their typical butterfly dreams(Chuang-Tzu)metaphysical matrix… Continue reading →

Out of nothing(Poem)

We aremeaning wanting beings.we cannottake in a zero-experience. Omelette burnt?divine decision.Owl outside the window?angel’s curse.Omen?Amen?common man. A rockbe itigneous sedimentary ormetamorphic isn’tjust a rock for manbut a supreme interpretation. Pending filefrom the art of seeingis karma. Long queuefrom the mysteries of mindfulness is Wu Wei. Always a thingin nothing.

A bit of both(Poem)

Dull apes with a dull skulldecided to evolve. Proved that we aren’t just wind and dust.(Bob Dylan) Besting each otherand feasting on each otherwe’ve made tiny Darwinian steps. Yeswe used gas chambers we condemned the blackness not of insidebut outsidewe raised illusionsto slave peopleon the permafrost of religion. Now we’re proudin our own quantum alienationsand… Continue reading →


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