Life is impersonal

The fates neither favor you nor fight against you is the lesson that I learned very late. We don’t know why
a 7-year-old girl gets an inoperable brain tumor whereas a 56-year-old rapist walks away scot-free. A man or woman wins 3-4 consecutive million dollars lottery while the man or woman next to them lives in a gutter living on a state pension or charity of Insta-celebrities.
It is what it is. No one is cursing or blessing up above. In fact, what the other planets did so as to not have life and what earth did so as to have life in terms of karma/prayers is a big existential question. This whole universe is
a cold system operated on chaos and randomness. It is not cruel, it is plainly objective and has no intention either
to give a gift or take away one. Neither happy nor sad endings.

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