No one is worthy enough to pass judgement on someone else yet we all do so.
Every person, situation, and issue is different and we do not have all the variables and data about it. Basically, we are ignorant of the whole situation or see just 10% of the actuality. The 90% dark zone isn’t revealed to us either due to a lack of trust or communication ability to define abstract thoughts of the mind. Hence, hold back. Even gods have to be silent when they don’t know what it means to be a human.


Closeness is always dangerous and threatening for people. The fantasies, mirages, and appearances that they created will falter and break away when there is less gap. That’s why we are scared of love and avoid intimacy with friends and partners. And being distant from everybody, for this reason, calls for an inauthentic living, lies, and fake lifestyles. This eventually creates a distance within yourself with yourself and alienates you from a sense of purpose and meaning in life. Being tightly knitted is chilling but it is honest and perhaps simple.


Jiddu Krishnamurti in his work “The book of life” remarks that reality is simple but escapism is complicated. The boring day is pretty normal with coffee sipping, book reading, and sleeping on the couch. However, we won’t let that happen. We won’t let simplicity flow into our lives. The escapism we seek on Sundays further exhausts us. The constant screen switching, partying, surfing everything on the internet, traveling to mosquito-ridden places, and shopping don’t give space for relaxation that we hanker. These weekend plans are so complicated that in the end, we have to figure out what exactly made us happy and if not, carry on the dissatisfaction to Monday. Neither body nor mind is well rested.
Putting aside these weekends, in real life too, the book, walking in the park, conversations with loved ones, cooking and eating tummy-happy foods, and ending with the reflection on life are far better than the above-mentioned list.


Being free doesn’t mean partying till 5 A.M. in the morning, and definitely not traveling to a god-forsaken place
on a motorcycle. It also doesn’t mean doing a job you like or should I say pursuing a passion.
It’s not about not having problems related to health, sure it helps but still doesn’t count. Does it?
For a while, I thought it means to have decent wealth and savings. It for sure helps to live a comfortable life
and also offers independence to do what you have an interest in, no matter how bizarre it is. And even accountability
crossed my mind. Maybe freedom means not having responsibilities and not being answerable to anyone for our actions
and their consequences.
However, of late it hit me that freedom is about the quality and the state of the mind one has in a moment.
I am free if I can experience a moment(time) without any conditionings of the past, illusions, burdens, fears or
any frame of reference/images.
It means being available completely in the present with an empty slate to write and ready to wipe it off for the
next moment without any longing for what happened or anxiety and anticipation for what will happen.
if it sounds spiritual then maybe it is.

Honest living

Being honest with yourself is the most important lesson that one can learn in life. Facing the guy in the mirror is the hardest thing that we have to do. Without honesty, as Mark Twain says we cannot have a sleepy conscience. One cannot escape from the court of heart no matter how hard one try. The biggest price that we need to pay for lack of honesty is to get haunted by regrets and shame. On the infinite scale, we have a little duration to hang on to the earth, so living in the truest sense is the way to a peaceful demise.