Writing and thinking

I think writing reveals your ignorance. Before we begin to write we think that we do know a lot about something and think that we can actually communicate a lot to people. But the minute we begin to type or write on a paper, then the problem kicks in. In the mind, it appears that one has exceptional clarity on anything we usually think.

However, dumping down the ideas onto the paper shows whether we know or not. Of late, it has become a sort of litmus test for me to check intellectual arrogance. On the other day, I began to write a piece on socialism vs capitalism. I was confident that I can write good stuff owing to the fact that I read a lot. But words and ideas began to crumble the minute pen hit the paper.

The fact of the matter of course is quite obvious. Holding random thoughts and a few quotes of famous men and women is easy and takes no effort. Being disorganized is simple and no sweat. However, writing demands shape, order, and sorting out the wheat from the chaff which is way harder than it actually sounds.

And writing also insists completion of thoughts. But in the mental world, we never care about that. Half-complete ideas are okay and do not require an extra struggle to bring a nice closure. We can also simply shut them off or divert them. On the other hand writing tests your will and is a sort of fire that burns away your nonsense and puts a deadline and orders you to take a stand on the issue at hand.

Paper at all times demands a settlement of thought and it doesn’t accept half-baked cookies.

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