A lot of social evils, be it racism or patriarchy are closely linked to economic incentives and structures.
Focusing on pure behavioral change or awareness generation is a colossal waste of time and energy.
for any change, shift the attention to economics and profit.

Brand new

Revisit old books that you have already read, as you are a completely new person now.
A fresh perspective gives something new from old material
but an aged approach cannot offer anything unique even though it’s a new piece of book.
Every time you notice a shift in perception, it’s the right time to revisit the old knowledge bank.


A single dictator deciding to go to war and millions of followers okaying it is the peak of stupidity. Every life lost is gone forever and cannot be brought back by ideologies and nationalism.
Look around. The universe we have thus far explored hasn’t got any real sign of life. Life is a rare probability event that somehow happened here on this tiny pale blue dot. And we are killing each other for petty reasons.


Capitalism made us more aware of the time than need be. The squeezing out of everything that one can within the stipulated time to give profits to corporations made us to be more urgent in everything and at all times.
Not doing it gifts us guilt and a mental discipline to avoid it and further trapping us in this clock race.
The hourly pay tied to the time successfully removed life from work and has put a conscience in us to be more resourceful as time is now a resource that needs careful management and prioritization, even inviting the evil of multitasking into our lives that’s killing away our attention without any mercy.
Time has become extremely valuable now to an extent that even we have to beg time for more time, probably at the end of the week.


The problem with productivity hacks is that they work. As a result, we keep on adding more to our to-do list.
There’s no point to it if we cannot get leisure time. We are freed with these techniques but the time is not being freed up.


No one is worthy enough to pass judgement on someone else yet we all do so.
Every person, situation, and issue is different and we do not have all the variables and data about it. Basically, we are ignorant of the whole situation or see just 10% of the actuality. The 90% dark zone isn’t revealed to us either due to a lack of trust or communication ability to define abstract thoughts of the mind. Hence, hold back. Even gods have to be silent when they don’t know what it means to be a human.