Lift (Poem)


Ting, Ting
yells the machine
for every open.
People press
all kinds of buttons
and some hit them
even when not needed.
Head nods and head shakes
with strangers.
We go up
and come down
as caged birds.
some mess up the
air with farts and fears.
some mess up the
love with their lust.
and some mess up the dress
with coffee spills.

We all want to say
hello to that someone
yet no one does that.
but it’s fine
as no one knows it.

And there are these
strange glass elevators
that I hate.

I thought lifts are the
only places in the universe
with some privacy left.
Glass elevators rob that.

When the power goes off,
not even ghosts
trust the elevator.

There’s a charter of rights
for every elevator — 
4/6 persons only.
that means at any given point in time
only 4/6 asses should be lifted.
but none
respects that.

I like the idea of the elevator
ladders are scary for me.
I cannot take a ladder
to climb 12 floors.
forget about coming down.

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