Forward Motion (Poem)

Image by 愚木混株 Cdd20 from Pixabay

Self Suspension happened
after a few miles
On the X-axis
mind was
meeting itself
On the Y-axis
matter was looking
for a gospel.

The thieves are thieving
The babies are behaving
The retirees are believing
The bellies are improving.

Now I’m 29hrs
more older.
not yet wise
in the moment.
after the moment.

the slow movement of the engine
disturbed the
hard-won nirvana
after the food
but Mary Oliver’s
words have hit the heart

“Things take the time
they take. Don’t worry.”

but the raging atoms
hardly listen.

Attention is a phoenix.
It perishes
and rises in a second
at least it does for me
while I’m

Behind me
was a bald head
swimming in the newspaper…..

I guess these are
those times
where nothing happens
yet we see something
in everything
in anything
even when there’s nothing.

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