Fiction and Social agreement

If an individual believes in an illusion then he or she would be thrown into an asylum. But if collectively
as a society we put our faith in an illusion then it is real not a delusion or hallucination. We agreed
that a Rs.500 note despite being a cotton paper has the value of Rs.500 purchase hence it attained that value.
Likewise, we granted more value to a rock/mineral called gold and now it is more valuable than a hen or a goat.

Collectivity gives power to anything. A rock becomes god, a tree becomes a holy spirit, and a black cat, not black buffalo or blackbird is a bad omen. In fact, our beloved sports teams are simply massive lies
we choose to ignore. If 22 people play with a ball and few bats for some time on a ground then it
is cricket. If two people play with 2 bats and a softball over a grassy pitch with socially acknowledged
rules then it is a Wimbledon tournament.

If two countries put up fences, barbed wire, and men and women with guns and tanks over a place then that
is a border and we are supposed to be enemies with different flags and agendas.

Truth then is directly dependent on the quantity (Number of people who accept it) than the inherent quality.

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