Buddha, the spiritual master of India/Nepal, as we all know, commented that desire is the root cause of
all sorrows (Dukkha). This is one of the four noble truths which he highlighted throughout his lifetime.
Hence he asks everybody to abandon them and end suffering.
While it is hard for us to abandon our desires and wants, but we can be more conscious in picking the
desires that we naturally need, that is only the most desirable ones.
Taking in the “Mimetic desires”, the needs that we have in our minds only because of social
conditioning, marketing, and the cool factor unnecessarily put more burden on our humble backs.
Many of the times, desires are implanted by people in our social circle, though not directly
but with their actions when they buy a new model phone/car/clothes, which is easily picked up by
our brains and EMIs.

Throwing away the flimsy desires and replacing them with healthier-core wants is important
for happiness.

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