The Cosmic Perspective

Neil deGrasse Tyson, the physicist with starry ties and a nice haircut gives this amazing
perspective for us to consider in order to humble ourselves which we rarely do
as we assume we are the center of this damn universe.

The earth is a simple pale blue dot, as remarked by Carl Sagan, in the vast universe. In the
midst of billions of stars, planets, and galaxies, black holes, we are nothing, to be
outrightly frank. The tininess is truly terrifying.

Another dimension of this perspective is that we might not be alone in this universe. There
are many Goldilocks zones that could host life, probably even more intelligent ones than us
who can colonize and command humans. Yes, stronger like Superman/Thanos.

If the scale of our existence and the scope of other life outside this rocky planet can put
some modesty in the minds of whole humanity itself, then what am I but a puny inflated ego?

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