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To begin with, any sort of split in what we think, what we say, and what we do
creates unhappiness as it amounts to being untrue to your own self. The integration
of thoughts and words with actions is the first necessary step in contentment.

Next is the interpretation of the past. What meaning we provide to the past becomes
the key factor to what we get out of it in the present. Whether we make
regrets out of events or relish over the lessons that an incident has
given us shapes the individuality we create moment by moment.

Another noteworthy one is managing our relationships. You might be a social animal
or a solitude-seeking creature but our connections and ties with the people we love
is the foundation of peace. 90% of our Bad moods, and crappy feelings often are the result of
mismanaged relations more so when you have a deeper level of love with them.

Further, non-attachment no matter how cliched it might sound is very important for bliss.
Attachment to thoughts gives depression, to the body gives insecurities on a level you cannot
even fathom, and attachment to identity gives ego hurts, revenge, and so on.
The best way for non-attachment is given by Sri Krishna in Bhagavad Gita. He urges us to
give up the ownership of thoughts, words, and actions to god. This is actually a
very practical idea because putting the responsibility and the onus of our doings on
someone else (God here or some higher entity one believes in) relieves us of the consequences.
it frees us from the chains of accountability. That’s why house owners are more unhappy
than the people living on rent as the former is always concerned about the safety and security of the house.

Finally, how one tackles his or her free time is damn important. Most of the time we block
to rest and rejuvenate the mind and body but often we don’t have a plan for that.
we end up watching random recommendations of YouTube or Netflix algorithms only straining
the soul further. Finding out what we love to do, how to do them, and where to do them at our own pace
is the primary step in dealing with “Sunday Neurosis”.

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