The Rhythm of the room (Poem)


Gladder and Gladder
I rested the cosmic ass.
Oftener and Oftener
the ants crawled up the wall.
Deeper and Deeper
were the musings.
Quicker and Quicker
the may light went down.
Hazier and Hazier
the LED’s shot up.
Sooner and Sooner
the comets of doubts showed up.
Poorer and Poorer
were the pages.
Calmer and Calmer
were the plants.
Humour and Humor
was the life.
Duller and Duller
was the fate.
Cleverer and Cleverer
were the manoeuvres.
Bluer and Bluer
were the eyes
of that seducer kitty.
Blacker and Blacker
were the wild vices.

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