Things I observed in a day (Poem)

Image by Piyapong Saydaung from Pixabay

The sky was still like the blue flame
cooking impoverishment for the wretched.

Ocean was pregnant with the
waves, white corals — bleached to colourless death
and got acidified like a high school chemistry lab.

Night still looks like the Raven or Dostoevsky novels
with the white olive moon,
and the pillows cried yet another day.

Sensory — sapiens are swallowing
the air salad of
C0, C02, N0x, PM 2.5, Furans
and sulfur oxides.

watered down
with watery things
without walling the
waves of waste.

Limousines emitting
status, filling insecurities, and
chauffeuring carbonated cacophony.

Soil got
with the scams of savoury man.

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