Citified (Poem)


The unethical air
was beyond redemption
full with gases
only known to science
and men and women
with angelic-white coats.

The smog without
but with filters
and painkillers
cannot give miracles now.

The illegitimate houses
and the un-mothered slums
visible only
with the polarized lens.

No editorials for them
No missing ads for these
counter-clock fucks
No ink for them
when jailed
and veiled.

I never found a poem
in these electric rainbows
and jordans
just few tweets
and hashtags.

Street vendors some how survive
in all these rages of nobodies
and fill up
the bellies of time-murderers.

perhaps they don’t have a mirror.

Only Graffiti didn’t give
a fixed smile
the colors were busy
covering up the bullet wounds
given by woke system
and statistics made by
who never knew
what empty pockets can
or cannot do.

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