Intellectual (Poem)

Image by Агзам Гайсин from Pixabay

Is enslaved to the roaring winds of wisdom
obliging to
The king of all virtues: truth
the queen of all virtues: justice.

A daring doubter
wrecking past, present, future
with thunderbolts of insight.

They interrogate
the flickering moral compass of mountebank
and make defiance their default state.

their heart can combat the vices of moral world
with bold silences.
kickstart rebellions in people’s hearts and minds
with nameless pen names and common sense.

you can find them in coffee houses, unknown gutters
or even in high castles
scavenging the glaciated, deceased opinions of society
lighting the cigar of uncertainty
and brewing the bonfire of the gospel
and forging
a new antithesis out of an aged synthesis.

—Drunken Lamp.

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