Desperation doesn’t work. The harder you try to be happy, the lesser you’ll be. The more you try to be trustworthy, the lesser you appear as one. The greater you try to conquer fears, they eat you up more deeper, and likewise,
the more you aspire to impress, the greater the chances that others simply brush you off aside. The classical example is love. More the love, more the suffocated the others feel, lesser the love you get in return. Love grows in freedom, as they say, is 100% accurate. Isn’t it?
Do less, get more. Eat less, and live longer. Forget and you will find. The simple is the highest sophistication. Minimalism is meaningful. Got it?
This also reminds me of the famous Indian king Ashoka who gave up wars because he waged too many wars in the first place. I guess the law of diminishing returns kicks in.

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