Learn and Leap

What I learned after many trials and errors and mishaps is that one should not chase success right away.
Michael Watkins puts it perfectly in his context- ” There’s a lot you don’t know and in fact, there may be lots you don’t even know that you don’t know. The time before you actually start is a really crucial time when you should focus on preparing yourself.” Bias for action is good because we usually use planning as a decoy to procrastinate but jumping into the ocean without any clue about the depth is suicidal. If you think over-preparation is bad then under-preparation too is equally bad. Before you start the game, understand the rules, exceptions, variables (Big and small), information, and data that might increase the odds of winning by a few percentage points. The roadmap from the start to the end will save you.

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One thought on “Learn and Leap

  1. Nice one!.
    This is what I found out in your post
    I think Watkins is spot on in his advice to not chase success right away. Even if you think you have the perfect plan, there’s always a chance you won’t be successful. The best way to prepare yourself is to understand the game and the different risks involved before starting.

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