We all believe in something whether it’s a supernatural entity or scientific doctrine. It seems man cannot live without faith. Even atheists believe that there’s no one up above. Still, counts as faith. In this sense, we can call the former one a positive faith and the latter as a negative one.

And for some, they are fluid and malleable and for some, they are rigid and tight. But how do these faiths form? And do all conscious beings have faith? And what is it to be faithless?

I am convinced that we cannot exist in peace without faith. Because faith gives us comfort. Knowing that an omnipotent god guides the fates and we as mortals just need to fill in the play gives a sense of comfort. Don’t you think?

Our grey matter also nags us when we don’t have faith because lack of faith creates insecurity in our mind and that’s a hard thing to live by. If you cannot trust the police to guard the house then you neither sleep nor live in peace.

In fact, nations break down and laws cannot operate in such a situation. Then we enter a Hobbesian world—“The condition of man . . . is a condition of war of everyone against everyone.”

Moreover, we are hardwired to have faith in someone. When we were infants we had faith in our parents that whenever we cry they come up with food, love, care, and a plaything. That created the foundation and it’s a powerful experience that shaped all our beliefs which created this collective entity called faith.

However, can prudence and cold logic we develop later in life break it and create a homo-separaticon without faith? And can we trust rationality when we very well know how irrational everyone is?

And when we live with rationality, life wouldn’t be joyous. Without irrationality, there’s no poetry, no music, no drama, no starry night painting.

I guess we need faith in faith. Even if it’s a matrix illusion, at least as long as we are Homo sapiens.

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