No one can be 100% rational at all times. Always sticking to system 2 thinking (Daniel Kahneman) which is
deliberate, analytical, slow, and conscious requires a hell lot of focus, time, and effort. On average
it is said that we make 35,000 decisions per day from deciding whether to have coffee or tea or
to invest in which stock, the complexity comes in all shapes and sizes. Paying attention to all
is next to impossible and hence we prioritize the decision making which often goes wrong.
Your wrongly prioritized decision with regards to taking a cab over the metro might which you
assumed was a low important one cost you an extra hour to reach the office. It might spark a heated
conversation between you and the boss and probably affect your salary hike call that’s happening next week.

Whatever, the point is to assume that you are irrational for almost 70-80% of your day.

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