Cost and Value

When you are trying to buy an expensive home-gym gear or nutritious pills or perhaps more materialistic
like a laptop or good woody table, it is imperative to not focus much on cost but rather on the value
it gets to you.
A good note-taking app subscription despite being expensive can get your work organized and lessen your
time in producing content. Hiring a freelancer for some bucks to get video edited or enhance marketing
will bring great value to work.
Billionaire buys a pinching-on-pocket private jet to save time and avoid useless airplane chit-chats/selfies/airport
bureaucratic nightmares.
Thinkers and thought leaders attend pricy seminars/sessions and pay more than market rates for private guidance
from experts in their field. Yes, it is on the big-budget end, however, they might get a new startup idea or unlock
new ways of thinking to promote their business.

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