In the long run, we need to accept that things always take more time than we expected. People
will always say mean things, mostly because they are unconscious and have nothing in their minds
to keep the conversation worthy and positive. Health, despite all our efforts, will be hit
and it isn’t bad to be worried about.

The promotion we expected this year is pushed forward. The delivery guy who’s supposed to come today
phones you only to inform you that the parcel will arrive the day after tomorrow. The results of
our workout will not be happening anytime soon and worst is we get injuries.

The traffic will be more than what we anticipated and the smooth ride in our car is disrupted
by road rages and accidents.

The Pandemics will come, the economy will be hit and the unemployment rates will soar taking away
our precious little job. And in a million other scenarios, we cannot do anything except wait
and watch.
At best, we can over-prepare but go with the flow as someone has rightly said.

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