Many of the new year resolutions often are failed within the first week itself, Whether it is
hitting the gym and eating healthy food or saving money to invest in a stock or real estate. The reason is
given by Carl Rogers, a humanistic psychologist.

We initiate a new change or take a decision to alter something without understanding completely
what we are trying to change and the reason why we landed up in a mess in the first place. For example,
most of the eating disorders and associated obesities are directly linked to mental health issues.
No one takes the time to recognize the underlying causes of it or why are we eating excessively
beyond the cravings and what kind of stress is causing us to gobble up the food and why we are not
so mindful while having the food, so on and so forth.

Change is actually a gift that comes naturally once we pay complete attention to the problem and
understand ourselves completely. It shouldn’t be forced upon us, this is what the motivation
industry fails to get it. After this grasp over the entire issue, we need to completely accept
ourselves and not live in self-denial mode via addictions like alcohol or drugs. Here one more
thing to keep in the mind is evaluation should be done by us and not by others. We are each
the final judge of what’s best for our good.

Understand, evaluate, accept and change, this is the mantra.

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