3 Ideas from Brendon Burchard To consider Now

Brendon Burchard is regarded as the world’s leading high-performance coach and an excellent writer who topped the New York Times list of best-selling books 3 times. He is often quoted, googled, watched, and googled on the internet by productive bees who want the best in their life.

His online courses, videos crossed millions and Oprah Winfrey considers him as one of the most influential personal growth gurus of all time. Most people know him through the Brendon show, a wonderful podcast if you want to listen.

There’s a ton to learn from him and here are a few of my favorites—

  • 1)Owning Ambitions 100%

Brendon says that most people never own their ambitions 100%. This is a powerful idea and a truth. We usually own it a 50-60-70%. For instance, you want to write a book, run a blog, make YouTube videos and inspire millions of people online and you invest your resources and time on it but we do it half-heartedly. We don’t accept it but deep down you know it in your bones. I failed many times to do hard things like building a rock-solid body, write a novel. Sure, there are many reasons why I failed but after a lot of reflection, I think Brendon is right.

With just 60% ownership and liking, dreams are hard to come by. So never do this mistake. Chase your dreams only if can own them 100%. Here’s a nugget for you—
“personal power is directly tied to personal responsibility, which most people avoid.”(Brendon Burchard)

  • 2)Guilt is good

Brendon comments that guilt is a sign of learning and the first indication that you have a growth mindset. Trust me if you don’t feel guilty after binge-watching that Tv series all night, there’s something seriously wrong with you. Or you failed to make that blog post deadline possible, you should think and feel about it. That’s how you realize what your next baby steps are.

I always feel bad when I procrastinate on my Wednesday essay day. But guilt makes sure that I write the next day itself. Own guilt and achieve your dreams by course correction.

  • 3)Teach to generate positivity

“You have a clean slate every day you wake up. You have a chance every single morning to make that change and be the person you want to be. You just have to decide to do it. Decide today’s the day. Say it: this is going to be my day.”—Brendon Burchard.

Every morning is a choice to bring positivity to your life. No one can come inside your head and clean it. And positive thoughts won’t come unintentionally. You have to do it deliberately. That’s because the human brain is hardwired to create fear and anxiety. So the machine’s job is to constantly chase you down with 0% probability issues.

This man is worthy to be followed and take note of him. Go ahead. Great ideas can move you, only if you let them.

An Old House(Poem)

Charlie and I
decided to tour one old house
in Marshall street.
As the rusted gates were opened,
we could sense —
the fallen red bricks,
haunted pipes,
gated memories,
slyly windows,
pencil drawings,
renaissance paintings,
treacherous chimneys,
shivering winds,
some ghosts on soul-sucking duty,
cursed tales and spooky doors,
the lime structures and Karst topography,
exhaust fans of remorse,
the concrete revealing its iron cleavage,
unclaimed solitude,
pigeon eggs,
un-tuned radios,
enchanted crockery,
dusty mirrors,
lizards of the late Carboniferous period,
Deja Vu,
spirits playing with spider webs,
fallen childhoods and forgotten friendships,
yeah, also the termites feeding on woody structures.

—Drunken Monk.


Happier and Happier
the parcels of air went by.
Oftener and Oftener
the earthworms in the soil went by.
Nastier and Nastier
were the thoughts that came by.
Floppier and Floppier
were the tears that came by.
Jazzier and Jazzier
the sounds of thunder went by.
Trickier and Trickier
the hangovers of weekends went by.
Grumpier and Grumpier
were the bees that came by.
Skinnier and Skinnier
were the little hands that came by.
Calmer and Calmer
the Koi fish in the water went by.
Lovelier and Lovelier
the wet kiss of the lips went by.
Sappier and Sappier
were the fights that came by.
Meaner and Meaner
were the souvenirs that came by.

—Drunken Monk.

Jump-Starting your Brain—By Joe Dispenza

  • Thinking creates feeling, and feeling creates thinking in a loop.
  • Contemplating goodness in your brain changes your body for good.
  • Thoughts really shape the way you feel as they trigger chemical reactions.
  • Learn something new and constantly create the growth in your mind.
  • Brain is continually evolving and that’s a powerful fact to remember.
  • With enough repetition and practice, your brain can’t tell the difference between imagination and reality. Harness it to create positive stuff and avoid negative things by mental rehearsals and positive visualizations.
  • Repeated visualizations create the reality you experience. So, choose wisely.

Good Living By Dr.Andrew Weil—To go beyond 100 years.

  • Many medical problems are a result of our mental states.
  • Successful aging depends on being active—physically and socially.
  • Good foods to eat—Salmon, Dark chocolate, Berries, Broccolis, Green tea.
  • Things that are bad for you—environmental toxins, genes, stress and depression, cigarettes.
  • Trust your body to heal, and you shall be.
  • Avoid processed foods.
  • Sleep extremely well.
  • Best to go for tea than coffee.
  • Use your breathing to improve attention.
  • Golden rule—sugars hurt you.
  • Prefer Mind over Medicine.