Make sure that at least kids read biographies of people if not grown-up adults because young minds need to know what kind of obstacles, anxieties, fears, questions, and doubts people face when they embark on a difficult journey. And they also remind them about the potential that each one of us has and the kind of character we should embrace to live in this world. They show lives with all their flaws, hopes, and shortcomings. This prepares them for the tides of life.


Culture, conditioning, and childhood. These are the three things that a man carries throughout his/her life. Any possible freedom in mind begins only with their annihilation. Our reality, reactions, and responses are their prisoners, and cleaning our mental slate is almost next to impossible as one or the other influences our thought processes, actions, and resultant circumstances. The whole edifice of our karma is their blessing or curse.


Kids are the real deal. They can bend realities, unlike adults who never dare to. If the little one wants a toy then there’s literally nothing in the world that can stop that wish. They cry, laugh, terrorize, throw something at you, and do all sorts of things to make sure you get that for them. And by chance, if you forget it then they bug you and remind you how important the task is. They literally won’t sleep until the thing is done, literally and figuratively. Time, money, and stupidity are never constraints to them. But grown-ups can’t even chase one wild idea.
Kids never see reality checks!