The problem with productivity hacks is that they work. As a result, we keep on adding more to our to-do list.
There’s no point to it if we cannot get leisure time. We are freed with these techniques but the time is not being freed up.


No one is worthy enough to pass judgement on someone else yet we all do so.
Every person, situation, and issue is different and we do not have all the variables and data about it. Basically, we are ignorant of the whole situation or see just 10% of the actuality. The 90% dark zone isn’t revealed to us either due to a lack of trust or communication ability to define abstract thoughts of the mind. Hence, hold back. Even gods have to be silent when they don’t know what it means to be a human.

Some Nights (Poem)

Forest silences
of the dimly lit skies
and the undeveloped silence
of the craters on the moon
define the fevered winds
of the icy night here.

The coldly metabolism
raise some orphaned moods and
half-real drowsiness.

The monotonous
starry nights and lights of Vincent Van Gogh
and the caffeine fjords along with
snow of silentium define
the muteness of glaciers.

Ancient nights and adolescent mornings
take a turn in a cruel rhythm
like a cold roulette wheel of the casino.

The nothingness of socialist nights
is really something to watch.

So much of stubbornness and

— Drunken star.


We choose to behave differently with a lot of people. Over time we split our individuality into bits and pieces, spread across all the social relationships and people we have had interaction with.
And because of this people also have a different perception of who you are. And when this image that they created about you based on your act before them breaks when you function differently and contrary to what they expected, conflicts arise.
People try to revert back to this false image by convincing or apologizing to them instead of honestly communicating who and what they are and the kind of values they stand by.


A bad start is better than no start. A not-so-good plan can be improved. Something can be done about it.
But a zero state is good for nothing and has absolutely no value for us.
The journey offers wisdom for improvement and mistakes are automatically corrected in the course of action. The starting point on the other hand doesn’t have all the answers. Only when we walk, we shall know what awaits us.

One Day (Poem)

A humble dealer
of mortality
with a cool hat
and china flesh
begins the day.

With rioting moods
and tweeting feuds
sets the day in motion.

The high passion quotient
and neural feedbacks
asks a pulsating coffee.

Villainous fingers
skim through
the mass culture
in the Google News.

The Tie-man
takes the carbon spirited
some brainy walks
some itchy talks
in the concrete lands
neatly settles before pixels.

Projector runs
for a while
depending on the fates
which are as messy as
the scribbling pad.

And the anaemic soul
finds a
new body
jumps out of the matrix.


— Take the red pill
and the blue one.

— And sit tight in the duty.


Yesterday’s thought should not dictate today’s action.
We should not be prisoners of what we were thinking in the past and be stuck in the iron cage.

If the current situation demands a new ‘You’ then give it a new ‘You’.

All in one evening (Poem)

Difference-less streets
all-round walkers
crossed me on the road.

The Monsoon potholes,
family scooters,
stilled trees,
tangoed to the rain.

Fat breezes
woke up the tadpoles
and the souls
dulled by the dusty fates.

to give
a kind shade
to my Samsung
and my young lungs.

So many
flammable stirrings
a mystical dance
under the 4G clouds.

— Drunken drops.


Truth does not need validation. One should appreciate and take in the truth no matter what the source is. We usually value it more when a highly successful YouTube person says it so but ignore when your mom or friend spills it. The status of fact is independent of who endorses it.