How to dig? (Poem)

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One writes
to dig oneself.
But you can’t
step into the same thought
or thrice.

The observer effect
in quantum physics
needs no proof
other than your baby thoughts.

and they continue to metamorphose
ready to drink the blood of fiction.
let’s call it the “caterpillar effect”
in dream-physics.

And in a twist of fate
even I’m not
allowed to pass through
the Freudian subconscious.
then why breathe in my grey matter?
using my existence for a living?
that’s some high-level capitalism
something the dead Marx can’t handle.

and for the record,
they need to know the actual purpose of their life.
{Albert Camus’s absurdism
got even more absurd.}

Can God access this storeroom?
Marcel Proust did it
with senses travelling.
in search of lost time
what shall I do?

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