I need sometime(Poem)

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with factualness
took the pen
to wake up masses
from their
solid sleeps.

He thought
he was the
last matchstick
to ignite the ribs
of men.

The piece was bold
not blurred
by adjectives and
liquored lies.

loaded by busyness
didn’t even axe a word.
With the power
of untimely thoughts
he danced.

Morn came.
Millions of crusty eyes
saw the piece.
Even the shadows
talked about it
for 4 days.
debates and dialogues.

Candles were ready
to kindle something big.

Everybody waited for a call.
they waited for a signal.
they waited for a move.
they waited for a moment.
they waited for a siren.

As the truth expired with time
it was tossed away.
Bodhi fed the sparrows
combed his curly hair
lit the dying candle
and tried again
with his middle-class

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