A bit of both(Poem)

Image by 愚木混株 Cdd20 from Pixabay

Dull apes
with a dull skull
decided to evolve.

Proved that
we aren’t just
wind and dust.
(Bob Dylan)

Besting each other
and feasting on each other
we’ve made tiny Darwinian steps.

we used gas chambers
we condemned the blackness
not of inside
but outside
we raised illusions
to slave people
on the permafrost of religion.

we’re proud
in our own quantum alienations
and pools of tears.

we also saw
nicety through our choices.

we used the sticks of the constitution
to drive away the dogmatic dogs
we used the flames of reason
to burn the bullshit
we used the stars of science
to play with god
and delay the doom.

gravity beings
oscillate between
poetry and prose
killings and kindness
long knives and short knives
caves and craves
to graves.

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