Ralph Waldo Emerson : Self-Reliance(Notes-30)

  1. What you think is more important than what the greats of past and present have said.
  2. Forming independent opinions and making our own observations on things and state of affairs. Think without sticks.
  3. The geniuses capture our rejected thoughts and bring them back to us with majesty.
  4. Our chief goal in life is to become a self-helping man.
  5. The number one rule is to trust thyself and obey thy heart.
  6. Develop your I.O.S(Individual operating software) or else the S.O.S(Social operating software) kills the self.
  7. In action, insist on yourself.
  8. An individual must not be fearful of taking the loner path.
  9. Fear kills your divine ideas.
  10. You are responsible for your own plot. Till it and give it the best possible seeds, nutrition and sunlight. Grow the unique crop that you can by knowing your worth.
  11. Your greatness can change the course of age, the ideas of time and a cause. Hence, all of history easily goes around the biography and deeds of a few stout and earnest persons.
  12. One affirmation to live by – “I must be myself.”
  13. Quote to read every day – “Let us enter into the state of war, wake Thor and Woden, courage and constancy in our Saxon breasts.”
  14. Our virtues and vices are communicating what we are in every breath we take, not just in our overt actions.
  15. A self-reliant man is a divine man.
  16. Quote to recall every day – “God will not have his work made manifest by cowards.”
  17. Advance on chaos and darkness without mercy.
  18. You are the molten metal and the god/destiny is the blacksmith that will hammer out a legend from you.
  19. Your only concern each and every moment – What I must do?
  20. What is the most sacred thing out there – The integrity of your own mind. Guard it.
  21. The great one can maintain the independence of solitude amidst the crowd.
  22. Society by definition hates non-conformity and whips you with displeasure. Be prepared for that.
  23. Nothing can bring forth peace in our life except us.
  24. Our desire to be consistent and the fear of social sanctions prevent us from self-trust.
  25. Speak today what you think today. Speak tomorrow what you think tomorrow. Don’t worry, we have the right to be misunderstood.
  26. Bring past for the judgment into the thousand-eyed present.
  27. Don’t sell your liberty and power.
  28. Be with the truth. It shall never abandon you.
  29. The voyage of the best ship is always zigzag.
  30. Our inner constitution is the only holy book we need to respect and we are accountable to only our tribunal.

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