I Woke Up Again(Poem)

The miss came to life

The mathematical musings
swelled up
like a caldera volcano
burning the prairies
of the desolate Antarctic heart

The sluggish eyes
wore colors like a reef
and the body
danced and twirled
resembling the
bends of Nile
and the highs of Andes

pushing the metaphysical
vane meter

The iron-bones
melted away
from the bonfire of her breath
and the ashes washed away
in the silver waters of lust

The romance was surreal
like the winds of Natal
and as primal
as the Higgs field

The bed was voluptuous of benedictions
and the oral spooning
threw away into the old worlds
in a farewell smoke

The granitic cadaver
flew into the African Savannah
The spirit
swirling like Mississippi
under the noisy nights.

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