the ever-longing yearning of the human spirit
the un-soiled courage of Jonathan Livingston seagull
the timeless hope of the planetary winds roaming
around the pressure-belts

the spark of a coup and a flash of a flag
the blue flame of a pen wielded
by a journo

the misfit of all ages
relentlessly reeling revolutions
the ocean current
flowing from pole to pole
ripping the coasts
that came along
to enclave your teary-salts

the quantum leap
of the wiggling winds
calligraphing new geometries
at the tropopause

dropping verbalization
for the poetic perfumes in the silent woods

lets the pristine pain of a prisoner stay alive

Is the despair of an over-worked man
chained to the cogs of capitalism

and saying “NO”
to the iron obedience.

the greatest aphrodisiac of humans.

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