Drunken silence(Poem)

Here and now
spirit bridges with
the vast macrocosm

Will ceases to exist
time feels like a dream
in the realm of musings

Here and now
all divisions wither
mum songs fill
your humming heart

Polished tongue stutters
dead books and
the tree of knowledge falls

Prayers go inwards placidly.

Here and now
the un-clouded soul is afresh
the darkness of the moon
And the glow of the sun is alike

The whole existence pulsates
for a new beginning
in that primordial stillness

The whole universe
at our command
and the Lord shall
regain his kingdom

Here and now
there’s poetry in every atom of the being
and the love
flows like a pregnant waterfall

The mathematics is quiet
and the art is wild
in the sun-lit watchfulness

Words fall ill before the emptiness
cultivated character sheds its skin
cloak of fakery is caught
mirror shatters ego

you’re the lighthouse
in the sea of darkness
unbowed and unafraid.

Life begins with a dream
and ends with hope.

I challenge the morning star
from the dawns and dusks
of a mountain.

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