Dreamy night(Poem)

They stretch
the arrow of time.
Abort the silent sleep
and weaves fresh consciousness
like the silk art of a spider.

Reveal the meteor shows
while breathing darkness
of the netherworld.

Un-dead and un-alive,
playing the silent flute
to show the
rainbow of past, present, future.

Let the smoky ghosts
of the shining hotel
from the eccentric night graves
to ablaze the untold lies
and hidden truths.

Electrify the blinded moon
of the heart
with unlit candles.

Give the wisdom of sages,
knife-edged flaws of morality, and the
caveats of the character.

Frozen thoughts
meet gods
on the truth pasture
grown in the valley of night mountains.

Stuttering the mythology
they speak of lost tales and failures
of one’s passion mermaids.

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