Embrace the imperfections

Flaws are everywhere in life. The painting on the canvas we did could not live up to the expectations. The work needs a heavy upgrade at least that’s what our boss says to us. Your professor is still dissatisfied that you did not get an A on the assignment. Obviously, your parents might be thinking that you are a creative genius yet the habit of procrastination is pulling you down.

In every area of life, imperfections inevitably exist and there’s always an improvement that awaits.

However, we cannot move ahead and push the needle in the direction if we keep on counting them. Even if you put in 10,000 hours of work and get the mastery, still people or even your monkey mind says that the job needs massive changes.

The whole universe is still and always be in a “work in progress” state.

This idea should be scripted deep down in our subconscious so that we can be more forgiving and try out new adventures in life. This is not some stoic-grandeur idea of acceptance and surrendering your will to cosmic laws but a plain truth that’s around the corner.

What’s the downside of it. You might do crazy things and fail. It is absolutely fine because on the grand scale of things your failure doesn’t matter. The moon failed to become a planet yet it’s okay with satellite status and is happily dancing around in the cosmos. Even it is trying to move away from earth to be not envious about its brother planet earth. Just kidding.

Hence take that flawed path and stay wild.

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