This time of the year
the new year resolutions
that will pop in
that will be pooh-poophed
that will be pampered
and cast away like
that FedEx fellow
in Tom Hanks movie.

The climate holds
regrets of old monsoons
and the blossoms of
new westerlies.
Anyway, that was a long while ago.
now, the climate is not what it is.
At least that’s what IPCC reports
and sinking islands say.

The moods—
I don’t get them anymore
whatever they are
I let them be whatever they are.

the refrigerators are confused
to adjust to this new yet old realism
like I am.

for some (I don’t know) reason
meteor showers are up in the sky
that geek-journalist-scientist
called them Leonids.
correct me if they are Perseids.

My newsfeed reported that
its diabetes month
But I saw guys not shaving
in November for some
cancer-prevention-education stuff.

so many mediations
and musings
in November.

Back to scrolling.

—Drunken winds.

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