Subway observations(Poem)

Earth in tectonic walking
Pigeons in paragliding
Ants in their pious pilgrimages.

Earphones arrested to
the moods and chats
of urban-horses.

Station swelling
like a soda can
with time hungry zombies.

Sapiens carrying philosopher stones
called iPhones
turning their lives
caged and combed
to baser chords of life.

trains move by
with their somber
easter songs.

Far from the gaze of the sky
the de-oxygenated fishes
rush to climb up
and take in the brown gas.

bags glued to the
shoulder blades
go along with
the flyers.

is the motion
like a troubling tractor
in Smallville.

all rushing to spread
their sticky legs
like a lava
or some Australorp rooster.

—Drunken escalator.

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