The train of thought
was a rumbling one
very close
to great Indian railways.

I left the stations
of Plato, Socrates, Kant
and other such wise fellows
to burn my engines of the cranium.

Neural obesity of schools
and university did not
give me greener ideas
all I had was some
colored and copied ones
to entice the unread.

At last, after a few shots of courage
some came up
good enough to start a caffeinated conversation.

the whole process
resembled a Swedish night
waiting for the sun.

For this, we need some iron
to trust our own mental breeding
if not,
wait for intellectuals
who write down noble books
filled with brim
only with un-collected
societal wisdom
left to the journal-writing vultures
feared men and women.

we need valour
to wear the rounded hats
to walk with spirited sticks
to tread the tea bars
to ferment the dull cups
and pale milk.

Hence O’ nerds
hanging to the walls of
grey and cracked libraries

Hence O’ market-troublers
raising fists to fables

Hence O’ garden-walkers
and black-board artists
and beard trimmers

—the society awaits your holy germination.

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