History—Sober Past(Poem)

Generously compensated bards
sing the wickedness of old kings.
Peace covenants make the cold battles holy,
chaining the truth to victor penmanship.

Stitching the narratives in comfort
whitewashing the colonies
in the name of civilization.

Hagiographies sanctifying the myths
sidelining the subalterns
and de-constructing the lines of palm
only to tighten the perspectives.

one-sided mutinies, uprisings, revolutions, coups
exiling the gutters of night.

free-men slaving the free-men of distant geographies
painting poetry in place of hard prose
is what history did, does, and will do.

they say history often repeats
only sins do.

In the end,
only graves, not tombs know what happened.

—Drunken Diplomat.

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