Happier and Happier
the parcels of air went by.
Oftener and Oftener
the earthworms in the soil went by.
Nastier and Nastier
were the thoughts that came by.
Floppier and Floppier
were the tears that came by.
Jazzier and Jazzier
the sounds of thunder went by.
Trickier and Trickier
the hangovers of weekends went by.
Grumpier and Grumpier
were the bees that came by.
Skinnier and Skinnier
were the little hands that came by.
Calmer and Calmer
the Koi fish in the water went by.
Lovelier and Lovelier
the wet kiss of the lips went by.
Sappier and Sappier
were the fights that came by.
Meaner and Meaner
were the souvenirs that came by.

—Drunken Monk.

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