Poems: Old and New

Old poems—
Heavy heart and iron strings
Aged leaves and dead passions
Sunflowers and honeybees
Frozen roots and warm soil
Night skies and campfires
Warm woods, crisping of birds, and pecking the soul
Sweet solitude and sour life
Sailing the raw oceans
Winter sounds and dead ferns
Old age and wrinkles
Sleeping till the noon
Living a lie with easels
and flying away.

New poems—
Small talk and sex
lazy questions, insomnia and brown bellies
Hallow scratching and aping
Fake twilight and sot fathers
Abuse, trauma and depression
Unsocial shadows, souls and tottering teeth
Pills, pillows, and dead cigarettes
Shitty relationships, slurs, and leaking lust
Frowning over exes, nocturnal sweats
Guilty breaths, and smelly eyes
Still proving worth in your poems with salty tongues
All the F-ups.

—Drunken Monk.

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