Jordan Peterson on “How to Find Meaning in your life.”

  • Set aside reasonable amount of time for play.
  • Compare yourself to who you were yesterday.
  • Make friends with people who want only the best from you.
  • Writing is the surest way to improve thinking.
  • Having a good posture changes your mood.
  • Read something written by greats.
  • Make at least one thing better in every single place you go.
  • Sustainable improvement is better than pushing yourself too hard.
  • Ask yourself what you want and move towards that.
  • Break the goal into small parts so that you can achieve something daily and consistently reward yourself.
  • Inaction is costly.
  • Compounding works. Believe in it.
  • Self-consciousness can be a double edged sword. It comes with its own punishments and rewards. Thus, be careful.
  • Self authoring about past, present, future helps and can provide direction.
  • The one skill that holds so much relevance in future will be having attention.

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