How to Live—By Roman Krznaric

  • Our emotional needs are far too complex to be fulfilled by a single partner. Our lover, friends, peers, neighbors, parents all should play a role to fill the emotional holes.
  • Humans are naturally empathetic and we all can be more other-oriented by listening more, having natural conversations with strangers on road, reading stories, being aware, by learning from kids, and trying another person’s life.(Feel First)
  • Purpose less work is life-sucking. Find it by working towards worthy goals, helping others, seeking respect and recognition.
  • Make death part and parcel of daily life.
  • Being a craftsman can make us more creative.
  • Beliefs are inherited, and hence we should be ready to change.
  • Travel-out to know more about yourself.
  • Stop colonizing the future with by ecological destruction, by planting technological risks, and by humongous public debt. Hence be a “time rebel”, stand for inter-generational justice and be a good ancestor for our grandchildren.
  • Have a transcendent goal—one that supports one planet and thriving of all.
  • Embrace Deep-time humility—remember that we are a small tiny bit in the cosmic scale of time.
  • Have cathedral thinking—-that is plan projects thinking beyond our own life.

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