In revenge it appears as though you are fighting an enemy but you’re not.
In the anime series—Afro samurai, The number 1 samurai gets killed and his kid witnesses it. Before leaving the final breath, he says not to avenge him.
The kid doesn’t listen and finally kills him off after a while.
The problem is with this whole process of revenge. The kid is filled with hate, never having to taste love or friendship in his life.
Never tries to create family or a bond and worst, kills his own master who raises him as his own.
even after his revenge, there’s no sense of accomplishment and simply sits on the mountain waiting for a glorious battle that the future number 2 might bring on.
He neither made himself happy nor the world. The legendary warrior tag and the headband could not give the sword a decent rest and peace.

This cloud of revenge could never let him stomach the basic truth that his blood and bleak bones told—the end has no end, the beginning has no beginning.

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