Hammering Your Self(Poem)

The path might not lead to heavens
roads may be misty and foggy without tail lamps
may be the great Jupiter’s red spot awaits
The path shall be walked.

Fear not, a thousand arrows
could not bend
King Leonidas’ spine.

The red sun, and the blue moon
and the timber wolf
shall aid you
or may be not
the path shall be walked.

The docks are always there
but we are
meant for voyages.

Even if it means splitting the oceans
or trading the black holes
or cruising the warm holes
or trading the bodies for the spirit
or resurrecting the living dead in the name of glory.

May the bards tell your folklore
and fear not the judgement day

As we aim for tombs not graves.

The path shall be walked till eternity
or until dumb-luck tosses you around.

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