What a Book Told me(Poem)

In Silence

O’ Reader,
Pick the pain, not the plot.
Rub the wounds, not the words.

Take the walk, not the paths.
Lick the pages, not the passions.
Feel the perceptions, not the reflections.

Copy the chemistry, not the characters.
Cook the lies, not the truth.

Feel the tears, not the trash.
Lose in love, not in lust.

Carry the wisdom, not the weights of wit.
Drink the absence, not the amusements.

Open the doors, not the damnations.
Make the trouble, not the noise.

Swim the sands, not the salts.
Ring the bells, not the betrayal.

Yell at the pages, not at the painting.
Cross the bridges, not the tunnels.
Sing the melody, not the song.

Fly. Float. Fade.

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