Thoughtful Beverages(Poem)

Coffee is the
That’s redeeming millions
of agitated bodies.

Tea is the blood
That’s oiling
millions of laboring vampires.

Coca Cola is the gas
sugaring and fueling
the cowboy teenagers
into La-La-La.

Alcohol is the rhyme
that’s lullabying bonafide dreams.

Wine is the chemist
that’s museum-ing the
daffy dances and leaky romances.

Lemonade is the archeologist
digging the citric acid of positivity.

Tequila is the mechanic
fixing and honeybee-ing
broken hookups
in garbage bars.

Vodka is the voot
voodoo-ing the vices
And the pain
of Russians.

Beer is the bromide
brewing stoic salvations
and salty solitudes.

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