Fly in the room(Poem)

I don’t know
who summoned it
definitely not me.
6 legged lad
sat on
Soren Kierkegaard’s
thinking to go
or not to go.

Next target was
my nasal holes,
it ain’t a sugar bowl
or a ripened fruit.

Anyway, I took action
as silent morality is useless.
But the fucker was too fast.

No, it didn’t surprise me.

Now I know what to do.
I need a weapon
not my old shirt or pillow
but something precise and robust.

Not Thor’s Mjolnir
Not the infinity gauntlet
Not a maxim machine gun
but a Chinese spartan
hunter mosquito resistant bat.

The red light was on.
current at my command.
circuit waiting for the order.

I did what I had to do.
not to set example for fellow flies
but to sleep in peace.

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